Sunday, August 9, 2009

Motorola Evoke Q4A

Slow performance hurts this otherwise sleek touchscreen phone with a useful widget-based interface.($280)

While some Motorola handsets can look a bit chintzy, the Evoke is quite eye-catching and its build seems high quality. The Evoke's rounded corners and smooth, rubberized backing feel very nice in the hand. Dominating the front face is by a 2.8-inch display with 400-by-240-pixel resolution. That screen is pretty small, however, when stacked against other phone touchscreens we've seen. For example, in comparison with the 3.2-inch, AMOLED, 240-by-400-pixel display of the Samsung Impression, the Evoke's display looks weak: Side by side, the Impression's display has brighter colors, sharper details, and crisper animations.
The Evoke has a minimalist design. A single square button functions as an OK/back/app-launcher control. A lock/unlock toggle and a dedicated camera key sit on the right edge, while a volume rocker is on the left. A microUSB charger/headset port sits on the bottom (no 3.5mm headphone jack, unfortunately), and the microSD slot is hidden (annoyingly) under the removable battery. The slide-out numeric pad is sturdy and the flat keys are easy to press. The keys are large with raised numbers and bright backlighting.
In addition to the keypad, the Evoke has a touch software keyboard. It's a bit cramped in landscape mode, though--I hit the wrong letters on more than one occasion, and I had to type pretty slowly to keep the results accurate. Its predictive-text function works pretty well. The unit performed smoothly; I didn't have to press letters multiple times to make them show up. The keyboard also has haptic feedback, so when you press a key the unit gives a slight vibration.

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