Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nokia Expo Ushers In Fresh Phones, Facebook Features

Nokia World 2009 set the stage for a handful of new cellphones from the world's biggest handset maker. The N97 mini is a smaller version of the original N97, while the X6 and X3 are designed with music in mind. Nokia also named a price for its Booklet 3G and announced new smartphone integration features with social networking site Facebook.

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) on Wednesday unveiled three new smartphones at Nokia World 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany.
It also announced a partnership with Facebook through its Lifecasting With Ovi application.
One smartphone, the N97 mini, is targeted at women, IDC analyst Ramon T. Llamas told TechNewsWorld.
The other two, the X6 and X3, are aimed at maintaining Nokia's position in the mid-range smartphone market.
Lifecasting With Ovi will be available on the N97 mini.
Going for Girl Power
The N97 mini was designed with the social and style-conscious consumer in mind, Nokia said. It has a tilting 3.2 inch display; a QWERTY keyboard and a customizable home screen.
A Facebook widget on the home screen will detect the user's location and let users update their status or profile on the social networking site and do other things through Lifecasting With Ovi.
The N97 mini comes with Ovi Maps. It supports most POP3/IMAP mail clients. Instant messaging clients supported include those from Nokia, Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) , Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) .
Other features include a built-in Flash player for Internet access, a 5 MP (megapixel) built-in camera with dual LED flashes and, for music, a built-in equalizer and Bluetooth access. The N97 mini has 8 GB of on-board memory, expandable to 24 GB with a microSD card.
The N97 mini is smaller than the N97, and IDC's Llamas says this is a thinly veiled attempt to target a female demographic. "When you market a product to women, you pink it or shrink it," he said. However, "the original N97 wasn't too big or clunky."
The Nokia N97 mini is scheduled to ship in October. Its suggested retail price will be just over 450 euros (US$642).

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